Monday, March 24, 2008

New Bibs

My two little ones each found a new bib in their Easter basket yesterday morning. K liked hers, but not S - he wanted one with Cinderella on it. (What was I thinking...making a three year-old boy something with lizards on it?) Then, after his father suggested the lizards might jump up and crawl into his ears, he wanted no part of it. After spending some time together catching the lizards and biting off their heads, all was right with the world and S wore the bib to dinner. I love these bibs. They each only took about 30 minutes to make and they're huge. They cover the kids completely from neck to waste- a good thing for my messy little eaters.


Shannon said...

Lucky you!My Ty won't keep a bib on for longer than 3 seconds. Always pulled them right off after about 1 year of age.

Anonymous said...

Love these. I just made a big batch of small bibs, and now I want some more -- a smaller batch of BIG bibs!