Thursday, November 18, 2021


Fall is fading fast on Mackinac. The vast majority of the leaves have fallen, so I was quite surprised to find these maple leaves near the Post Office this week. Of course it got me wondering... Why did those leaves hang on longer? Was there something abut that location that protected them, or do maples in general drop their leaves later? And, why were all the leave so red this year? So of course I had to look it up.

Apparently when you have cold (but not freezing nights) along with bright sunny days it triggers maples to produce more of a red pigment, while rainy gray days are more favorable for a yellow pigment. It makes perfect sense - this has been one of the nicest falls I can remember: warm and sunny with only a handful of frosts. That must be the reason why, this year, Grand Hill looked like this:

Photo courtesy of Grand Hotel
Those leaves are all gone now, but they were stunning. 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Halloween 2021

Here are our family costumes for 2021. These three high schoolers trick-or-treated for the win, bringing home close to 30 pounds of candy (about 13.5 Kg.) Weighing the candy when they get home is a tradition in our house. S was up from 2020's eight pounds with 11 pounds (about 5 kg) this year, while K was up a tad with nine pounds (about 4 kg.) K came home about an hour before S so it makes sense their total was lower. 

My son wanted to be Lady Dimitrescu, a character from one of the Resident Evil video games. (Don't worry - he's not upset; he's trying to look like a cannibalistic murdering aristocrat who may or may not be a vampire.)

While S was going for a very specific look, my youngest decided to create their look using a mask they made in art class paired with a cape I stitched up to go with a lion mask. The cape has since spent a lot of time at school. Apparently bringing blankets to class isn't allowed in the school dress code, but since a cape is technically an article of clothing, it's allowed. K was thrilled to discover this "loophole."

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Big 25

 Last week my husband and I celebrated
our 25th wedding anniversary. 

It's hard to believe it's been that long...

To celebrate, Allen took me out for an exquisite dinner at Chianti. It was, by far, the very best meal I've ever eaten on Mackinac Island; Grand Hotel food doesn't even come close.  So now I'm hopeful Allen decides to make a trip to Chianti a yearly tradition. Luckily they were running a "locals" special so we didn't have to pay the full $125 per person, though it would have been worth it - the food was that good!

Friday, November 5, 2021

New Digs

If you been hanging out here for a while, I'm sure you know we have chickens. You may also know that usually they leave the island for the winter.

But not this year...

This year they'll be staying in their lovely new coop. (Thanks to help from my husband, kids and nephews.)

Oh yes, and my mother-in-law. She did an excellent job supervising the tear down of the old coop and the new coop build. As did her dog, Shay.

The coop came as a kit, which made it much easier for us to put together - even if it did take longer than the 30 minutes the company claimed. It was still worth it; no measuring, no cutting and no design work.

So now the girls cozy, warm and dry in their new home, while I get a much nicer view in my backyard. And I get to keep them. Which I am thrilled about today, but we'll see how I feel in February...