Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The mighty Huron made her last trip for the season this morning. While it's been cold and the Straits have started icing over, the harbors have also been an issue. If the winds are just right, chunks of ice can blow in and fill the harbor; making it difficult for the boat to get in and out. The boats may start running again if the ice conditions improve, otherwise I'll be getting home in my other "car." It's a good thing I stocked up on necessities early!

Often the boats make it through the beginning of January and then we have to fly on and off the island through early spring. It's a quick trip - less than five minutes from take off to touch down. The only downside is the cost of freight. That, and the plane is much more dependent on the weather...

Monday, December 23, 2013

What's Wrong with this Picture?

With all the snow we've gotten lately, our snowmobiles are out and everyone is happy. Well, most of us are happy. I think the police are getting a tad frustrated with some people's parking habits.

As I was getting off the boat the other day I noticed this up at the head of the dock. This time of the year, parking downtown can cause issues - especially next to the Christmas tree. (It's in the middle of the street.) When people park on the street by the tree, the emergency vehicles can't get through. (Remember we do have an ambulance, fire trucks, and other utility vehicles on the island.)

Yesterday I noticed they had cordoned off that area with barricades so parking there is now impossible. As far as I know, our police department has never issued parking tickets, but now I'm wondering if they might start...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mackinac Moment

Hi. Yeah, I'm still here. December has just been crazy busy for me. People are always asking me, "What do you do up there all winter long?" It just makes me giggle because people think there is noting to do on Mackinac this time of year, but I'll tell you December has flown by. Between school, sporting events, the Christmas Bazaar and just every day life I feel like I've barely had a moment to catch my breath. Hopefully as things slow down a bit, I'll have more time to spend here.

Mackinac Island has gotten a ton of snow in the last week or so and its been glorious. Don't you just want to hop on a snowmobile and zip down that road? Just bring warm clothes - it's been really, really cold up here lately.