About Me

Hi , I'm Liz.

I'm 53, a teacher, a quilter, a crafter, a wife and a mother - though not necessarily in that order. I'm a complete and total science geek, I like to understand the "how" and the "why" of things, and I like Monty Python, British TV and Barenaked Ladies.  Oh yes, and I live, year-round, on Mackinac Island. Mackinac is a small island in Northern Michigan where motorized vehicles have been banned since the late 1800s. Without cars we rely on horses, bicycles and snowmobiles to get around.

Snowmobiles have been legal on the island since the 1970s. We are probably the only community in Michigan that hopes for big snow storms. The more snow we get, the better life is. We also hope for very cold weather. The colder it is the higher the chance that we'll get an ice bridge to the mainland. When we have good ice it is the only time our lives aren't governed by a ferry or plane schedule.

My life is crazy and crafty, and that's just the way I like it...