Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blowing Like Stink

We've had gusts up to 60 mph (about 97 km/hr) today on the Straits of Mackinac. It's so windy that right now the bridge is closed to "high profile" traffic. That means they are only allowing cars, vans, and empty pick-up trucks to cross; everyone else has to wait until wind conditions improve.

This morning, it was so windy I actually had to peddle my bike down the hill to school. Coming home, on the other hand, wasn't too bad - the wind pushed me home...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bagels = Yummy

Yet another reason why I love this book...

The bagels are more time consuming than the bread since they have to be boiled first, but they're so worth it. Woe is me if I ever develop diabetes because I'll just about die if I have to lay off the bread and start counting carbs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The diagnosis is official - nerve deafness.

My daughter has nerve deafness - thank goodness it is just in one ear. The diagnosis wasn't a surprise really - she failed her newborn hearing screening in that ear, so we've always known something was up. But the ENT and the audiologist insisted they couldn't get accurate results from a hearing test (you know, the one in the sound proof booth) until at least age four. She's now had two tests, six months apart that have shown the same results: she can hear very high frequencies and very low frequencies in that ear; but almost all human speech falls into the range of frequencies she can't hear.

I know the hearing loss effects her because of the little things she does. She refers to her good ear as "my listening ear" and has told me (while pointing accurately) "this ear doesn't work." This morning, while she was playing on the computer, she choose to only put the ear bud into the good ear. I thought the other one just fell out so I offered to help her put it in so it would stay. She assured me, "No Mama, I don't want it." O.K. - whatever works, I guess.

As of right now, life is good. She is already asking us to repeat things when she doesn't quite hear us. I'm sure "selective hearing" will start when she is a teenager, but she's not there yet. And as of this week there is an amplification system for her preschool classroom so the teacher's voice can be slightly louder than the din. The speech therapist is monitoring her and tells me her speech is "age appropriate." Apparently Ls, Fs and Ths are harder sounds to make and are often not perfected until later, so I shouldn't worry about her inability to make them correctly. But, of course, I do. I am her mama after all, it's my job to worry about her...

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Very Fairy Birthday

I love my son. Right now my son loves fairies. So, logically, when he told me he wanted a fairy themed birthday party, I agreed. (Two years ago he asked for a mermaid party. Blogged here and here.)

It all started when he saw this little cake topper at Wal-Mart back in August. When he saw it he immediately told his Papa that he wanted it on his birthday cake. Papa bought the cake, we enjoyed it for desert that night, packed her away in a safe place, and this little fairy became the inspiration for the birthday celebration.

Since fairies always make me think of flowers, we had yellow flowers everywhere; from the centerpiece, to the napkin rings...

to the cake. I made it and frosted it (yes, with some of that leftover frosting), but our good friend, Miranda, made the flowers. I can't believe how perfectly she got the yellow ones to match!

Of course, what Fairy Party would be complete without a dash of Tinkerbell? I was planning on making something for the wall, but I just couldn't leave this banner Wal-Mart when it was on clearance for $3.00. I certainly couldn't have made something for that price.

I didn't manage to get a photo of the fairy wings, but I did remember to get one of the tutu. (I used tutorials from here, and here.) He loved it. Thank goodness his sister had no interest in hers, because she let him wear it after his got covered in milk. At first he was disappointed that he didn't get a crown this year. But after I reminded him that he did get wings and a tutu, he decided that was really better than just a crown.

Of course, no birthday in these parts is complete without a new birthday shirt. (I used my raw edge technique.) When my son looks at it, he sees a fairy, but the rest of the world sees a dragonfly. (Which is a good thing when lots of the people in your small rural town just don't "get" how a little boy can like fairies; after all, they're supposed to like trucks.)

I'm glad he hasn't given into the "supposed tos." I adore him just the way he is: my doll and book loving, fairy party wanting, Sound of Music singing, snake catching, roughhousing, so skinny it's hard to get pants to fit him, little man. I wouldn't have him any other way...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Heart Homemade Shopping Bags

I made more of these. I had collected ten pair of rain / wind / athletic pants (from my favorite "donation only" thrift shop) that were taking up valuable storage space in my sewing room. It was time for them to get transformed into shopping bags. I had a couple oxfords I couldn't use for these so they got transformed as well. And let me tell you, it was great to make something other than mittens. They have been all consuming of late - like every moment of my spare time has gone to making them. I am so looking forward to working on costumes! (A pink dinosaur and a stick man, if you're wondering.)

I know I can purchase bags for a buck or two at most stores, but shouldn't they really pay me to advertise for them? I'd rather make my own instead. And knowing that mine are recycled just makes them that much better.

They may not be the most attractive bags, (let me tell you - those turquoise pants were hideous!) but they're super easy; I'd say less than 20 minutes each. I made eleven of them other day. Add those to the two I already made and I got out of the grocery store for the first time ever without using one of their plastic shopping bags. There's only one downside - I just realized I don't have any bags to scoop the litter box into! Any suggestions?

Monday, October 4, 2010


Have you ever seen something that struck you as really odd? This little fly did just that the other day. I noticed it in the bay window in the back of my classroom. I have a table back there with lots of plants and often I spill a little when I water them. That fly must have been really really thirsty because it stayed near those little droplets for over 40 minutes. It would suck up a drop and then move on to the next one. Even with me crouching overhead to get close-up pictures - it didn't so much as flinch. I've never seen a fly behave that way before. Have you?