Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Heart Homemade Shopping Bags

I made more of these. I had collected ten pair of rain / wind / athletic pants (from my favorite "donation only" thrift shop) that were taking up valuable storage space in my sewing room. It was time for them to get transformed into shopping bags. I had a couple oxfords I couldn't use for these so they got transformed as well. And let me tell you, it was great to make something other than mittens. They have been all consuming of late - like every moment of my spare time has gone to making them. I am so looking forward to working on costumes! (A pink dinosaur and a stick man, if you're wondering.)

I know I can purchase bags for a buck or two at most stores, but shouldn't they really pay me to advertise for them? I'd rather make my own instead. And knowing that mine are recycled just makes them that much better.

They may not be the most attractive bags, (let me tell you - those turquoise pants were hideous!) but they're super easy; I'd say less than 20 minutes each. I made eleven of them other day. Add those to the two I already made and I got out of the grocery store for the first time ever without using one of their plastic shopping bags. There's only one downside - I just realized I don't have any bags to scoop the litter box into! Any suggestions?


The WoodLand School said...

I love these homemade bags!
The only reason we get plastic anymore is to pick up after our pets. I'd love to hear of any free alternatives :-)

kate said...

I actually have to buy bags for litter and for dog pick up now. There are biodegradable ones available. My meat still gets a plastic bag on it, as does some of my produce, so I use those for the dog.

cindi said...

very cool bags! i may try making some..

Allie said...

Those are great Liz, I'd rather make my own too. Just make sure you wash them frequently - I just saw a report on how the fabric bags hold onto bacteria.

A friend of mine uses an empty bucket of litter to scoop into - it has an airtight lid so you only get the odors [peee-u] when you add to it. You can also buy small plastic bags, just the right size.