Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ice Crossing

Today, for the first time this year, I did it – I crossed the ice; I hopped on my snowmobile and made the three mile trip across the frozen lake to the mainland. And I’ve got to tell you it felt wonderful. It is the first time in several years that I haven’t been constrained by a boat or a plane schedule. It was 10:30 am, it was beautiful, lots of people I trust were traveling and reporting it safe, so I went. (Plus I one of our school board members was willing to escort me across. Thank you J.)
Ahhhhhhhh freedom. I drove across, picked–up Chinese food and came right home. Which seems like nothing, I know. But, for those of us who can’t have Chinese food any night we happen to feel like it, the ability to decide we wanted it and at a moments notice go out and get it, was a wonderful treat. I know what some of you are thinking – she’s insane. But I’m really not. The trail is well marked with old Christmas trees, and even in poor weather creeps up on you, you can usually see from tree to tree. No worries today though - the weather was beautiful.

I must admit, I did get a little creeped out on the ice today. While I was kneeling to take this picture, four snowmobiles passed me. I could feel the ice vibrate underneath me as they passed. That's when I decided I had taken enough pictures and headed for home.

We are supposed to get 25 mph winds tonight, so who knows if the ice will be "safe" tomorrow. I'm glad I went today. No big deal, I can always go back to that plane schedule...


Amanda Jean said...

I'd be creeped out by the ice rattling beneath me, too! I used to live in southwest michigan and I miss it so! In my 2.5 years of living there I never made it to the U.P. I can't imagine having to depend on a train or ferry boat to get chinese food...I'd have a hard time with that. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog!

pookey said...

I just stumbled across your blog and had to stop and say hi! I am assuming that (from one of the photos in this last blog entry) that you live near the Straits area. I grew up in Upper Michigan - just towards the other end! I love it up there and even though I am onlly in WI, I still miss MI!

I will be back to enjoy more of the photo's that you post!

Anonymous said...

From Southern Indiana, I can only say one thing....EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! Be careful!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting and looks like great fun. Something all my sons (your cousins) would like. I got this link from Florence. I love the snow photos, being Canadian, they remind me of sledding days. But I haven't actually lived in a snowy place for over 30 years. There is something positive to be said for driving up the mountain to the snow and then back out again. Big cities and snow aren't as nice as your isolated beauty. By the way, did you see our slideshow?