Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween on Mackinac Island is alive and well. And I'm glad. To me, Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun, plus I love to make things for the kids!

This year my daughter wanted to be Pegasus. (Talk about giving Mama a challenge!) Disney's Hercules has been one of her favorites lately, and of course she loves horses, so it was no surprise.

I started her costume with McCall's 6185. I left off all the dinosaur parts, moved the zipper to the back, altered the teeth and ears to make them more "horsey," and added the mane and tail. I also made hooves to cover her hands. They were just rectangles of fabric that velcroed around her wrists, but they looked great. The store-bought wings Papa managed to find finished her off perfectly. We added a collar and name tag just to be sure she wouldn't get "What are you?" all night long; instead she heard, "What a cute little........ Pegasus. .......... Oh, you're Pegasus."

I would have liked her headpiece to be more elongated - like a horse's head, but I couldn't find a pattern and I just didn't have the time to draft one myself. She was happy, so in the end it didn't really matter that her head wasn't all that horse-like.

My son wanted to be a werewolf.

His costume was easy - except for the sewing with faux fur part - what a pain that was! You should have seen my sewing room after I was finished with it - it looked like I had shaved a wolf because there was fur everywhere! I used the same pattern for his headpiece, except I altered the ears and made them shorter. Then I hand sewed pieces of fur on the inside of his shirt and pants and then ripped the fabric to let the fur show through. (I imagined him ripping his clothes as he transformed.) Back in August he ripped the knee of of those jeans, but I held on to them (because, remember - I'm a hoarder,) and I found the shirt at Goodwill for $1.89. (It was so cheap because it already had a hole in it.) We finished him off with grey gloves - with fur hot glued to the tops, furry shoe covers, and some face paint. Did he ever have fun growling at his friends Halloween night. I even heard him howling a few times.

Each of the kids got a matching treat bag as well. I love how the bag goes with the costume, but the best part is, it becomes a storage bag. All the costume parts go inside the bag so they stay together. Plus, when I am searching for a specific costume in the Halloween stuff, I know exactly which costume is which.

How about you. What were your kids for Halloween?

My apologies for the odd faces on the kids.
I try to maintain their privacy on line.


Melody said...

Hi Liz! Looks like your kiddos had a good Halloween! Adorable costumes! You always do such a great job creating such crafty things! I just got an e-mail from my dad saying, "Didn't you once tell me you follow the blog of a Mackinac Island teacher who makes mittens?" He proceded to tell me he read an article about you and the other two teachers in a magazine he received called Michigan Country Lines. He's bringing it to me on Friday to see! How cool! You're famous! LOL! Have a great week! Melody

Sarah said...

Loved the costumes. I agree that Halloween should be fun and about dressing up for the kids. I had a pumpkin, a monkey in a tutu, and a gardener/pumpkin farmer that I took around trick or treating this Halloween. I am sure in years to come they won't be so easy to please, but this year was easy because I reused costumes that were passed down and also things that we had around the house for their costumes. I will have to dig the Michigan Country Lines out of my husbands pile to read the article mentioned in the previous comment. I told quite a few ladies about your blog when I was at the Winsome Women retreat a couple of weeks ago.

kate said...

Awesome costumes!

This year bushboy did his own costume and went as Slash. Black wig, top hat, black sunglasses, suit jacket over rock tshirt, jeans and of course, the guitar. He looked pretty good, actually, and wore the costume a number of times (karate party, school party, and trick or treating). This is likely his last year going out, so it was cool to see him do the costume and get into it.

Marcia said...

Great ideas! You're such a good mom to put so much time and effort into those costumes. I love the werewolf, especially how you did his hands. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Over the top adorable!

Anonymous said...

The costumes are great. Love that werewolf! Yes, I can totally imagine your floor and the mess that made when creating it!haha

SMS said...

Enjoy all your sewing projects.