Saturday, April 5, 2008

Safe Journey

Attention L, my swap partner,
do not read any further!

Lest ye spoil the surprise...

Here is our swap box, all ready to go out in the mail earlier this week....

We joined the Little People Care Package Swap back in early March (or was it late February? I can't remember...) There are a number of swaps going on right now and I was lucky enough to be looking in the right place at the right time and came across this one in time to actually join in. Whoo-hoo! I loved this swap because it was all about the kids.

The rules were simple: Send a picture of your family or children, a postcard or map from your town, or a photo of your house, and a note (along with your swap items.) If we chose to spend money, the limit was $10.00 - not including shipping. Also, packages had to be sent no later than April 1st.

The kids and I worked on our swap items for a few weeks. I decided on an art and science theme, and we sent the supplies for art projects and science experiments. Along with a few items that didn't really fit the theme, but we wanted to send anyway. Here's what we came up with:
The required postcards and photos, contact paper mosaics, Polygon pictures (pictures made with stickers of different shapes,) misc. stickers, two of our most favorite CDs (look here and here,) two slightly loved books S wanted to share,
a marble painting kit, two crayon rolls, a little fabric ball, soy bean seeds to sprout and investigate as they grow, flower pencils, honey from my husband's bee hive, a bib, and a kit for growing crystals on pipe cleaner shapes.
(I could not interest S in dictating notes, so sorry L, they are all me.) The scariest thing is - we only went over budget by about $2.00. Remember, I live on an island and need to have things on hand since I can't just run out to the store whenever I want to. Oh yeah, and I am a total pack rat, too. Just ask my husband... So safe journey little brown box. We hope you make it to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, safely.


Melissa said...

Wow, great package! We received ours a couple days ago and it included stuff to grow sunflowers, which we just planted this morning. I especially loved the crayon rolls and think I will try making some for my kids.

village mama said...

your generosity is beautiful :-)