Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mackinac Moment

It's been so warm lately that no one has ventured out onto the ice for the last week or so. The Sault Locks have opened, we've had freighter traffic passing by, and there are rumors that the Coast Guard will break up the remaining ice any day now. While we still have knee deep snow in many places, most streets are clear and it's finally starting to feel like spring...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dragon Birthday

How does a Mama throw
a small dragon bash?

Does she work really hard,
and then fall down and crash?

She might set a nice table
with napkins a light,

and make yummy bread dragons
whose heads we can bite.

She may find a nice dragon
on the table to sit,

but don't touch her eggs,
or she'll throw quite a fit.

Her chef of a husband may
whip up a cake,

but the Dragon Fire Juice,
she surely can make.

She may sew up a shirt
emblazoned with fire,

and send treats to school,
her daughter's friends will admire.

When party time comes, Mama will gather her friends,
and they'll all stay up late tying up the loose ends.

After the fun is all finished, Mama'll tickle K's gizzard:
"Happy birthday. 
Happy birthday, little fire breathing lizard."

This post was inspired by some

And it's only a year late! My daughter turned seven last year. I searched and searched for the pictures, but thought I'd lost them. As I searched through old photos, looking for pictures of Sushi for my last post, I found them - yippee! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The New Normal

We're all trying our best to get use to the "new normal" -  life without our dear sweet Sushi. Her little body just couldn't keep going any longer and, sadly, we lost her on Friday. When the vet started saying things like, "End stage organ failure," as hard as it was, we knew we had to say goodbye.

Needless to say, it's been hard on the kids; they've never known life without her. It's been easier for me. I remember the 18 pound (about 8 kg) cat she used to be before her thyroid stopped working correctly. I remember the sweet kitty we met at the shelter 13 years ago; so curious that she stuck out her paw to grab me as I walked past her cage. As soon as we let her out, she walked right over to get to know us better- dog and all.

She will be sorely missed....

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My daughter has been pestering asking me for some time now to share the projects she and her brother made with their dad over Christmas vacation. Now that we are less than a week away from spring break - It's time.

He taught them about electric circuits,

and how to solder. 

I was surprised just how complicated these little trees turned out to be.

The kids were very proud to show me their little blinking trees and then to teach Mama all about resisters, LEDs and jumpers. 

I'm still surprised my daughter asked me to pack her tree away with the Christmas decorations.  It's going to be fun to watch her face light up when we get it out again next year...

Get your own tree kit here. They're out of stock now, but I bet they'll have them again next fall.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vintage Fun

This past weekend I had a great time hanging out with these folks. My friend, Ken, is a member of the group and he invited them to cross the ice, tour the island and enjoy a hot dogs and chili at Turtle Park. Ken owns a few vintage machines and asked me if I would like to drive one. (OK, he owns quite a few, but only six of them are currently on the island.)  I had a great time tootling around on this lovely little 1973 Evinrude snowmobile. It's just three years younger than I am!

I also had a great time taking a ton of pictures, and then playing around with editing software to make them look like they were taken when the snowmobiles were new. The two pictured below were probably my favorites. The one on the left is a 1963 Arctic Cat. The one on the right is a 1969 Hus-ski;  it was in amazing shape. Frank, the owner, even let me drive it. I'd love to own one, but I'm not very mechanically inclined...