Friday, April 4, 2008


There was a wonderful surprise waiting for us this morning... a ferry boat, and it was headed our way. When you live on an island, the first day of ferry service in the spring is a thing to celebrate. The "slow boats" as we call them (since the ride takes 45 minutes) started today. Yippee! They may only be making three trips a day, but the sheer fact that they are running means that spring is just around the corner. Even the kids can feel it... While we were riding home from the boat dock, S looked over at the snow-covered ground and asked, "Where are all the lady slippers?" Soon little one, soon... It was a beautiful day for a boat ride, don't you think?


Shannon said...

Looks surreal! How fun!

amandajean said...

beautiful photos. hurray for the arrival of spring!!!

miranda said...

Wow liz... this blog was music to my ears.... or in this case fireworks to my optical glands! Thanks for the post.... and most of all the the magnificient Arnold Line Ferry Co!!!!! This truly is a sign that winter is over and summer is surely on its way! HOOOORAY!