Monday, June 20, 2022

Wait, What?

Did you know Meijer stores in Michigan sell Sex? Yup - Sparkling Sex no less. I snapped this picture and immediately thought, "Dad is going to think that's hilarious." And then, I remembered... 

Which was actually kind of a good thing because it meant that I hadn't been thinking about my dad at that exact moment, which is a step in the right direction. That first week or so, he was on my mind, literally, all the time. I'm not on the verge of tears all day anymore - another  step in the right direction. 

I know absolutely nothing about wine (I call my friend Michelle with all my wine questions) but apparently Sex is made by a winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan (near Traverse City.) It is described as "a fruit forward rosé with light red berry aromas and a balanced finish." Sex can be yours for $17.00 a bottle. The question is, is it good sex? I may just have to buy a bottle and find out.

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