Monday, December 21, 2020

New Furry Friends

I'd like to introduce you to Lucas and Sylvester; my youngest child's pet rats. (Fancy rats as I am regularly reminded.)  They joined the family back in September and have been a positive addition - partially because they are so darn cute. Initially, I thought their long naked tails would gross me out, but the overwhelming cuteness completely overpowers the tail ickiness. I mean just look at that face!

They love Cheerios, attention, and paper towels. And did I mention how cute they are? They have the cutest little noses and whiskered cheeks that wiggle when they munch on treats.

They spend most of their time snuggled together in their nest. It seems like they are snuggled together 75% of the time, though they will separate - especially if there are Cheerios involved.


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Liz said...

My youngest saved their money and purchased ALL the equipment. Overall, I'm OK with the rats - their first choice was a snake!