Saturday, December 17, 2016

Stocking Up

Most people who live on Mackinac try to stock up, at least a little bit, for winter. The ferry company doesn't charge for freight such as boxes and tubs, but the plane charges $2.50 per tub.

So this time of year you'll often see luggage carts on the dock that look like this; filled to the brim with all kinds of necessities to get through the winter.

In case you're curious, lots of us use those Rubbermaid tubs for hauling groceries. They nest for taking the empty ones off the island, then stack easily in the car, and are a good size for the dray drivers to load and unload...


*S* said...

Thank you for sharing. I love seeing how people live on the island

Suzanne said...

So smart. When I lived on an island in Western Samoa, we did a similar thing, but with smaller containers. The containers also kept out the bugs! Island living requires some creative shopping and storage ideas when you are waiting for the ship to come restock the store.