Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Fall on Mackinac is, by far, my favorite time of year. Things are quieting down, the air has that wonderful wet leafy smell, and the trees are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that fall is the only time of year that Mackinac Island is warmer than the mainland. All that water has been heating up all summer and now Lake Huron gives us beautiful "Indian summer" days. Though not today, definitely not; it was downright frigid this morning. But, while several towns near us got their first snow, we didn't get as much as a flake.

I was a busy little beaver this past weekend - feverishly working on Halloween costumes. My son's is finished and I'm about 80% through my daughter's - I just need to alter her "nude suit." (Don't worry - I'll share soon.) What have you been doing with your time?


AdelaidesCorner said...

Such beautiful pictures and so close to home.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture at first and thought it was a quilt! Maybe it should be. :)

Deanna said...

Fall is my favorite time of year and visiting Mackinac Island during Fall is on my bucket list. :)