Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Tourists

We love them, but they make us giggle. Only tourists have coats and snow pants that match their snowmobiles. (Sometimes they even have matching helmets.) Usually we only get snowmobile tourists after we have an ice bridge, but this year we've has a few bring their machines over on the boat.

This gentleman, Hank, was very gracious. He let me take his picture even though when he asked why I wanted to take his picture I giggled and told him I didn't want to tell him until after I took it. He smiled, posed, and then chuckled as I pointed out how not one of the islanders driving down the street matched their snowmobile. My husband is now trying to figure out how hard it would be to get his snowmobile painted Carhartt brown... 


Anonymous said...

I love this remark. It is so true with all things tourist. They eat paste-ies not pastys and they put gravy on them not Heinz ketchup. they think store bought are good. I've given up a few of my own to people who thought they knew a good one. Mine win! We can always spot a tourist or "Fudgey" as we called them when I lived in the Soo. My snowmoble suit as a kid was on clearance so I had a "Real one" but our machines were not that brand. It was warm and I didn't care. Like the Carhartt brown idea. At 53 I still use my 2nd grade coaster brake bike. Approx 15 yrs ago a bike rental a young man was trying to explain their use on the Island when I rented one. I explained my bike at home was older than he was and I didn't do hand brakes and he totally didn't believe me. It was fun watching others who weren't used to it.

Liz said...

Too funny about the brakes. We do love the tourists, despite our giggles. Without them we wouldn't be here. Happy New Year to you Shiela!