Sunday, January 1, 2012


Lots of heavy wet snow fell on
Mackinac Island

yesterday and today,

so lots of us got outside and enjoyed it!

Sadly, the temperatures have been hovering right around
freezing, so it's melting quickly. We're
keeping our fingers crossed that
we'll get more tomorrow...


Brenda said...

Beautiful. Hope you have another fun day in the snow. Hope we get some this year.

Val said...

Enjoy! I must admit that I'm terribly jealous - we barely have a thin layer on the ground right now. Winters like this and sometimes I think my husband is right - we do need to move to the UP!

susan said...

yeah...what's up with the no/small snow fall. boy, the first year i was here it was awesome, now, i wonder where all "our" snow is.
how are the keikis?
going to finally meet max in april when his momma gets married. i cannot wait. he sounds so much like my boy was before his head injury. i miss my middle boy so much. i mean, he is still alive but the "new" elton is nothing like the "old" elton and we all miss him so very very much!!!!
have a really great year! xo

Manoute said...

Happy New Year! I wish you and your family loads of good things for 2012.
I hope you had some more snow. I has been unusually warm here as well! No snow this year so far :o(

pam said...

Beautiful snow shots! Love the monotone feel.

And I am glad to hear Michigan has finally seen a little snow!