Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mackinac Mittens

Eight Mackinac Island women + a pile of felted sweaters = a whole lot of fun.

We cut, we sewed, we chatted and we had a great time just hanging out in my classroom at the school making mittens. (Just try to ignore the messy parts of my room. The kids and I have a ton of projects going on right now.) Not everyone got a chance to finish theirs, but everyone made great progress - even K, who hadn't touched a sewing needle in over 40 years! The entire Mitten Making Party was actually her idea. She wants to make some for all her relatives for Christmas.

I loved using everyone as guinea pigs for the mitten pattern and tutorial I've been working on. It was good to see what made sense to them and what was clear as mud. As a sewer some things are obvious to me, but sot so much so to someone else who doesn't really sew. You know? I've been making good progress on the tutorial so I'll get it up within the next couple of weeks.

I'd love to get to it sooner but Mackinac Island life is just crazy right now! The Christmas Bazaar is this weekend, DARE graduation is next week and the Christmas Program* at school is the week after that. Throw in the fact that my students and I are making light up cards for their parents and gingerbread houses between practices and I'm surprised we all have time to breathe!

*We may be one of the last schools left to actually have a "Christmas Program." I love how our entire town comes out for it - regardless of whether or not they have kids in school.


Allie said...

Looks like fun, Liz! Yes, you probably are one of the last to have a regular Christmas program. So sad!

Loralynn said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to see your tutorial! I miss the Christmas programs my kids used to do. Only the older two (20 & 18) did them. They did a Christmas choir concert...sad how some things are forced to change.

Maggie said...

How FUN! I wish I didn't live so far away-- I would've popped over for the day to join you!

Marcia said...

You go girl! I think you're right that you are one of the only schools with a Christmas Program. Ours are called Holiday Programs now...and they never do Christmas songs anymore!

Unknown said...

Wow Liz, this is fabulous!
gary stein