Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before and After

It's been warm and windy here lately. Two things that are not good for the ice bridge. This was the scene of the harbor and the passage between Mackinac Island and Round Island last week:

This was the same scene yesterday:

See the difference? Open water - yikes! Mother nature is a fickle mistress; -10 one day and 38 the next. Luckily the ice bridge is on the other side of the island and still locked in. At least for now, though a large pressure crack has formed. I'm off to grandma's this weekend - wonder if I'll have to fly...


Simply Stork said...

how interesting...what neat'll need to let us know if you did need to fly :o)


Anonymous said...

Ah, fickle February! Be safe.

Beautiful photos. The sun is shining on my island today as well!

Betts said...

Same here... below zero a few days ago and 50 degrees today. It felt good though. I cleaned a winter's worth of grit and crumbs out of my car.

Mum-me said...

Amazing photos! And amazing difference in one week.

Yes Mother Nature is fickle here too
- last week 40*C/this week 12*C!
- Southern Australia burnt off the map/Northen Australia = flooded off the map!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Our weather is nuts here. Tuesday we hit 63. Today it's 40!!!!!!
All of our snow has melted. Just last week I was taking pictures of a giant grader with a "V" plow cleaning up our road. One week later and poof...snow gone!
It's only February. I'm sure we will have more cold and snow.

Sam said...

Yup! I think flying sounds good ;-)

Manoute said...

This year it's been colder than usual here in Scotland and we had a lot of snow today :o)
Safe travel to your gran.

susan said...

know what you mean.......this past week hovering in the high 30s in the day althou it would of been nice if it was also sunny, that would have been incredible! it has started snowing again but that powder stuff that looks like salt when it hits the deck out back. guess they are pushing to get the ice fishermen off the ice after the disaster on lake heron. i wonder if spring will come this year and then warm summer. i will be patient and just see what comes.