Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I took this picture on June first. June first! Even for us this far North, the tulips are usually a lot farther along by the beginning of June. In fact, the hotel where I took this picture usually has the tulips pulled out of the ground before school is out. Not this year... It is wonderful that the hotels in my town rip out their tulips each year. Once they start to look a little ragged the grounds keeping staff pulls them out of the ground - bulb and all - and throws them on the compost pile. Every tulip I have in my garden came from that lovely little pile. Since they pull out the entire flower I can usually tell what color I am getting too. Don't you just love hand-me-downs... Summer for me starts today! For the next two weeks my children are going to the sitter's house so I can get projects done. I hope by blogging about them I am more likely to get everything finished! My plans are:
  • clean the entire house, and I mean the entire house
  • catch up on the mountain of laundry
  • sort through the kid's off season and next-size-up clothes
  • paint the kid's bathroom
  • paint K's room
  • organize my sewing room

Wish me luck and productivity. I'll try to keep everyone posted on my progress. If I get really brave I might even post some before and after photos. (We'll have to see about that one though.)


Manoute said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see the before/after pictures.

misschris said...

ooh. pretty. Summer's been wierd here in Missouri, too. But I have to tell you, the flowers and green are lasting forever... :)

Love the list. Good luck!

Unknown said...

I see what you mean about June not cooperating up there in Michigan. I am from Anchorage, Alaska, so I know just what you mean.

jacquie said...

Yippee it's summer! Now that is creative recycling. I wonder if I could find a place? Hmmmm. Such a good idea!

Cheryl said...

Love your pic of the tulips. I am off to check out your silhouette tutorial.

Marcia said...

Your tulips look great!

Anonymous said...

Weather permits me to have only wooden tulips :-)