Thursday, June 21, 2018

Safe and Sound in Amsterdam!

Yup - my mom, the kids and I are traveling. We left Sault Ste. Marie yesterday afternoon and landed in Amsterdam this morning.

Our home for the next two weeks is lovely. It's a typical canal house - about as wide as one room and four stories tall. The kids took the bedrooms up on the fourth floor, my mom and I have spots on the third floor, the living room is on the second floor, while the kitchen and dining room are on the first floor.


And the location is amazing - right on a canal, with a tram stop about 200 feet away on the corner.  My mom couldn't have found a more perfect location.

Right now, however, I am completely exhausted and need to go collapse. Hopefully we'll all wake up tomorrow full of energy, ready to start exploring the city.

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