Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kattencafe (Cat Cafe)

Have you figured out that my daughter loves cats yet? She's wanted to go to a cat cafe for ages and yesterday she finally got her chance. I suppose all four of us are cat people at heart, so its no surprise that we enjoyed Kattencafe Kopjes. Luckily we'd done our homework and knew we needed reservations (they only allow 20 people inside at a time.) We probably could have gotten in without one yesterday though, since there were not 20 people there, but better safe than sorry. I knew K was excited about our visit because she was worried all day about being late.

Yesterday there were seven cats in residence,

three of which were quite happy to get scritches and play.

The cafe itself is adorable - with eclectic furniture and  cat kitsch everywhere. We ordered "ginger tea" and were thrilled to receive slices of fresh ginger steeping in boiling water; it was delicious. We sipped as we shared a slice of red velvet cake and taught Grandma how to play Exploding Kittens - one of our favorite games.

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