Friday, June 22, 2018

De Poezenboot

We spent part of today at De Poezenboot - known in English as The Catboat. It was at the top of my daughter's list of places in Amsterdam she wanted to visit. (She kind of has a thing for cats.)

It's essentially a floating cat rescue. People bring cats to the Poezenboot, they care for them and work to find the cats new homes. Along the way, visitors come to play with the kitties and hopefully donate a few Euros o help pay for it all (believe it or not, there was no fee to get in.)

Not all the cats were up for snuggles, but this sweet boy soaked up all the scritches he could get. I'm not sure if you can tell, but he lost both of his eyes to an infection. One of the volunteers said he was brought to the boat all the way from Turkey. 

We really enjoyed our time there; in fact K asked if we could go back again before we leave town. 

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