Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Singing Monsters Birthday

Back  in April my daughter asked for a My Singing Monsters themed birthday party. The only bad thing was up until she asked, I had never heard of My Singing Monsters. (She played it on a friend's mom's phone.) So, I started researching and discovered that it is a game about monsters that make music. Sure, there's a whole lot more to it, but I had enough to work with...

I started with the napkin fabric. It's usually the easiest place to start since the fabric usually determine the color palate for the party. Next came downloading images of the different characters from the game. There were a ton of them out there that I used to make the place cards, 

drink labels and the banner. (Which I may still have saved on the computer, so if you'd like the word file, drop me an email.)

For the table, I made a runner out of white faux fur (because of this character and because I can repurpose it at Christmas time) and we sprinkled little music note confetti all over the table. 

And, of course we gave everything eyes. 

The cups, the chairs and the food were all covered with eyes.

Even the fruit salad and the cake watched us as we were eating. (I must admit the fruit salad was more for my benefit - I don't think my daughter ate a single bite of it.)

(The cake was super easy - just Oreos and junior mints.)

And, of course, who can resist sticky googly eyes?

I still can't believe  my youngest is nine. And next year, my son will be old enough to drive a snowmobile. Where does the time go?

I found the monster plush shown in the first picture here, He was so cute, I had to make one for my daughter. He may not sing, but he is super snuggly...

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