Friday, July 31, 2015

Jumping for Joy

My daughter has been sleeping on an old mattress. And when I say old, I mean really, really old. My husband and I got the bed, mattress and box spring as hand-me-downs, from my parents, when we got married - almost nineteen years ago! The bedroom furniture had originally belonged to my grandparents and had been handed down to my parents, when they got married back in 1965. (Yeah, it's old, but it's in really good shape.)

As soon as we took her new mattress upstairs and brought the mattress downstairs, the old one immediately became a trampoline. Because, I mean, who can resist jumping on a mattress? Not me. A half-hour or so later, after the old box spring made its way downstairs, the mattress was repurposed into the floor of a pretty amazing fort.

The trampoline / fort will remain until Monday when we can get to the DPW office to purchase item-removal stickers and arrange for the dray to haul them to the dump. Until then, feel free to stop on over if you feel like jumping...

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Melody said...

How fun is that!!!