Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mad Skillz

OK, to be honest no one in my family has "mad skillz" when it comes to sports, but the kids sure did have fun with out at Wawashkamo this summer. Each week Chuck, and a few helpers, worked to teach over 20 kids the basics of golf. 

Wawashkamo is such a beautiful course. It's kind of sad that I've been on Mackinac Island every summer since 1989, and I'd never actually set foot out on the course until this year. (Yes, I am hanging my head in shame.) 

Chick was really good with the kids. He taught them the differences between the different kinds of clubs, and helped them learn how to stand, swing and putt.

The best part was, for the introductory group, they never kept score; the class was about learning and having fun rather than who was the best player. Both S & K really enjoyed golf lessons - so much so that they've asked if we can go out to the course and play one day. I really appreciate the thinking that goes into golf - and since our school has a golf team S & K may want to play on the team someday. It's not a sport I have any interest in, but I'm glad they've had some exposure to it.

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