Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For the past several days when we've arrived home late in the afternoon we've found this large fellow diligently guarding our front porch from intruders. Today he actually had an assistant, but his little friend scurried away before my husband could get out his phone to snap a few pictures.

Who needs a neighborhood watch when you've got an attack snake on patrol!


Melody said...

That has to be the ONLY thing I dislike about the island, LOL! Snakes! Last year when hubby and I came up we were biking around the perimeter of the island and a HUGE snake slithered right in front of my bike! I almost ran over him! Eeek! Several years ago, when staying at Mission Point, there were 3 big snakes that had parked themselves on the step right out front of the lobby each day! Ewww! I know they're probably harmless...but they freak me out all the same, LOL!

kate said...

Awesome! That snake wouldn't get any peace around here though, the dude would be all over it!