Saturday, July 20, 2013

Excursion: Geode Hunting

After the 102 degree heat (about 39 C) cooled a bit (into the 80s) we went down to the creek to go geode hunting. I've never found one in Michigan, but apparently down here in southern Indiana, they're very common.

After a quick lesson from grandma, their round shape and nubby texture made them easy to find. Do you see it? The bigger round bumpy rock in the lower right hand corner is a geode.

The kids and I managed to find quite a few.

The next morning we gathered our tools,

and worked out our aggression!

We quickly discovered that the bigger ones were a lot easier to crack than the little ones. For some reason (help me geologists out there,) the bigger ones tended to be hollow where the smaller ones were much more solid.

There's nothing like sparkly crystals to excite my little geologists. And bashing things with hammers, that's pretty fun, too...

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Suzanne said...

That is so cool! My cousin goes to the central part of our state (Utah) and finds them all the time.