Friday, July 5, 2013

An Island Fourth

After a pretty sunset over the Straits (and in spite of the wind) Mackinac Island celebrated our nation's birthday with a great fireworks display! I had hoped to post these pictures last night, but it was after midnight before I got the kids in bed and I just didn't have the energy.

I love fireworks even more now than I did when I was little. I remember getting on the bus with my mom and riding into downtown Detroit to see the big display in the city. Seems like so long ago...

These days part of the fun for me is watching my kids and listening to their comments. My son was in complete awe last night. 

He must have yelled, "Awesome!" 50 times last night. I must say, I have to agree. I'm just always sad when they're over - I could sit and watch for hours... Couldn't you?


kate said...

Yup, we love fireworks around here too!

Melody said...

Beautiful pictures! We watched the fireworks from aboard Shepler's top deck. We were on the island for a week. We call it "vacation" but when the boys are with us...there's not a whole lot of "relaxing" going on, LOL! I don't think we sat down once! ;)