Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Lego Party

LinkWhat little boy can resist Legos? Mine sure can't; they seem to be all the thinks about right now. (Well, that and bodily functions - he is seven, after all.) I shouldn't have been surprised when he asked for a Lego themed birthday party this year. Did I ever have a lot of fun planning this one! There are a ton of great Lego party ideas out there: here, here, here, here and here, but I also wanted to do a few things on my own. Also, I didn't want to spend a ton of money.

I decided on a palate of bright Lego colors with lots of red and yellow. I was really happy that I actually remembered where I stored the pennant banner I made for this party. I knew it would come in handy!

I wish I could remember where I found all the Lego photos I used as the wall decorations. Some are from here and here, but the best ones came from this guy. He has a ton of wonderful photos of his Lego creations, and he allows them all to be downloaded. My son loved them so much, we actually sent him a thank-you email. All we had on the walls were the photos, balloons, and a banner made using the Lego font. (A similar font is available here.)

I made the banner using Word 2010. The new features in 2010 made getting the LEGO logo coloring just right: Lego font, black letters, yellow outline, red highlight. Each letter was on a separate page and I used my paper cutter to trim away the extra paper. I didn't bother stringing my banner on yarn, I just taped the letters to the wall.

The table decorations were a snap, or at least they "snapped" together easily. (Are you groaning or laughing?) I used a yellow table cloth and placed several Lego scenes around the table. Oh yes, and the Lego candy was a huge hit. Both the kids loved that they could actually build with pieces.

Each person's seat was marked with a place card, held up by a simple three block card holder.

I used actual Legos to stamp on the cards. The bottom of the brick made the rectangular outline, and the top stamped the circles. I found the letter stamps at a garage sale on the island a few years back for $3.00. I'm so glad I brought them home with me!

Probably the most fun part of the table decorations were the minifigs at each place. (For all you non-Lego people out there, minifigs are the little Lego people.) With the help of my friend's son, Parker, each person at the party was greeted by their minifig self when they sat down at the dinner table. You may not be able to tell, but that little plastic character in the photo above is a dead ringer for my mother! I loved them so much, I took the ones for my husband, the kids and myself and snapped a few "family photos."

What do you think, should I send that first photo out with our Christmas card? I think it would be a hoot...


susan said...

what a great party i am sure all had fun. so kool. he would love leggoland, that is them park we got in north county, san diego. of all things......giant leggos....who knew it would be so popular
snowed a bit on the way home this evening if it continues all night it will be white when i wake up, it will melt when the sun comes out but it seems a bit early for snow.

kate said...

I think you know that we are a very lego-friendly house here. At age 11, our son is all about building weaponry and star wars ships - his own mind you, not the sets. And yes yes yes to the christmas picture - what a brilliant idea that I may well use!

(Oh, and the lego candy? Seriously awesome.)

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful party for your son...I love your party ideas! Didn't know the little people were called minifigs...

Heidi said...

Absolutely! Use it for the Christmas card! We have Legos coming out our ears here too, my son is OBSESSED with anything Lego. I personally think they are the greatest. They are creative, just messy enough for the kids to enjoy, but clean up in a snap (haha). Great party! Thanks for sharing!

Marcia said...

Thought of you when I saw this post
Sounds like a great theme for a party!

Erin said...

Awesome! I love how much thought you put into birthdays. What amazing memories you are helping to create. :)

Manoute said...

You always have such great ideas!!! My nephew is into lego as well (he is 7) and I think I will copy some of your ideas for his next birthday party if you don't mind.
And yes, this picture is perfect for Christmas cards ;o)

susan said...

its been awhile since i checked my fav blogs and wondering where are you?
hope all is well with you and your family.
finally got my garlic planted and my raspberries pruned and de deadwooded. on wed. finished my six and half weeks of radiation. yipee

Kelaine Mish said...

The Burt family minifigs are awesome. The one of A and your mom had me laughing til I cried.