Monday, May 16, 2016

Pokemon Birthday Party

You may remember that my children are currently in the midst of a Pokemon craze, so of course my daughter wanted a Pokemon birthday this year. I'm quite certain there are much worse things she could be into - Justin Bieber or Bratz dolls to name a couple, but try as I might I just can't seem to get into Pokemon. True, Pikachu is adorable - he's the little yellow guy above - but I can't keep the other ones straight. And forget me remembering whether a Pokemon is a water type, or a grass type, or what their evolutions are. I'm regularly in awe of the stats the kids have memorized. (How is it that kids can memorize a seemingly endless number of Pokemon yet memorizing times tables is such a chore?)

In fact, Miss K had quite a bit of constructive criticism regarding my Pokemon place cards. "Mom, you should have let me help you; then they would have been so much more accurate." She may have found my card creating skills lacking, but the adults at the party appreciated them. 

K loved everything else - especially the homemade Poke Ball pom poms we made and hung from the ceiling. When we take them down she wants to keep them to hang in her bedroom.

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday party without a banner. I found a free one here, but I couldn't get the H page to print. (Instead I snipped each image, pasted them into Word and printed them that way. It actually worked better because each page of the banner was a full page and I didn't want them to be that big.)

As always, Allen made the cake. He's such a trooper; she found the cake she wanted on line and asked him to to copy it. 

Happy tenth birthday K.


Sarah said...

Such cute ideas! Wish I thought of some of these things when

kate said...

Me and Pokemon have a good thing going, because I credit Pokemon with turning my son into a reader. He was in Grade 1 when the craze hit, and he devoured all the stats and information he could get. Then he discovered that there were chapter books about Pokemon and that was it - he was a reader.