Sunday, May 8, 2016


Thinking about my mom today... 

Not sure how many days I am old in that first photo, but I'm sure it's not many.

This one is from about 1972, I think. So much 70s fabulousness is going on in this picture. Thank goodness those lights are no longer with us - though my parents still have that small cube table (under the gray lamp.)

Funny the things we remember about childhood. As I look at this picture, I clearly remember those pink birds on my mom's robe; except I remember them being so much bigger. I thought my mom looked so pretty when she wore it. 

Happy Mother's Day, mom, 

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Melody said...

I was born in '72 and my mom is always amazed at how much I remember from the 70s. I remember her aqua blue sweater...she wore it EVERYWHERE. The way she tied a scarf over her head when she had rollers in her hair. The "moo-moo" she wore around the house in the was gray with bright pink flowers. I remember making homemade ice cream with my dad on our patio. Riding the see-saw at the park...this was before my sister was my imaginary friends rode with me, hehe. It's funny the things that stick with us.