Tuesday, January 14, 2014


There's been a wee bit of drama on Mackinac over the last few days. Drama over snowmobile helmets. It's winter, it's quiet, there's change in the air, so, of course, everyone's talking about it...

I'll be honest. I own a helmet (it's so old it still labeled with my maiden name,) but until Monday, I've rarely actually worn it. (For the record, my children do wear their helmets 99% of the time and I always wear it when I go out on the ice or when I ride on the mainland.) Over the 20 plus years I've lived on Mackinac Island, to my knowledge, the helmet law has never really been enforced. Many people on the island only drive about 15 miles an hour (about 24 km) and only drive a mile or two each day - if that much.

Well, now the police are starting to enforce Michigan's helmet law. While I don't like wearing my helmet, it is the law, and it does set a good example for my children, so I'll wear it without too much complaining. Plus, I've been told the ticket for not wearing one is 180 bucks. Yikes!


KCina said...

I've never been on a snowmobile, but I guess it makes sense...funny thing, we go sledding up on Mt. Hood and don't have to wear helmets to do that...better to be safe than sorry I suppose...Love all your updates...it's gray and raining here in western Oregon!

~ Kathy :)

msumissa said...

I am catching up on all your posts tonight! This year is the first year I wore a helmet skiing. (The kids have always worn one however!) I have to say, I can't believe how much warmer I was with the helmet. Yes, gone are the days of my cute little ear warmer headband and curls blowing in the wind. Best thing I ever did! Of course, the story of a friend of a friend with 150 staples in his head because despite being an expert skier, he was hit from behind by an out of control kid, helped change my mind!