Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Late for Christmas

There is a little girl living in my house who decided yesterday was the day for her tooth to be out. She asked her father to pull it out with dental floss. He tried twice, but both times the floss broke. (Yeah, I couldn't watch.) When she makes up her mind about getting a tooth out, she gets tunnel vision and wants it out now. Sometimes I'm amazed at that little girl's pain tolerance. 

Well, after much wiggling, she asked her dad to try again today. This time it popped right out and hit his glasses. She's thrilled and looking forward to the Tooth Fairy's visit. Though, she doesn't want to put the tooth into the beautiful little bird shaped tooth box her Aunt Kelaine gave to her because, "I don't get as much money when I use the box. And I want money!" (Luckily that made her Aunt chuckle.) Now we're all laughing as we enjoy her toothless grin.


Brian Westphal said...

Yes, my kids start making plans for the tooth fairy money the moment a tooth start to wiggle. They are so funny.

Kelaine Mish said...

was hoping you'd post the pic of Katie and me ;-)

Justene Doan said...

Wow! Katie is pretty brave, insisting on getting that tooth pulled out. It would've made me cringe as well, but I guess she has better pain tolerance than I do. Anyway, she seems really adorable, persuasively asking for more money from the Tooth Fairy. Haha! I would've probably laughed out loud as well. Thanks for sharing that, by the way. Take care! :)

Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry