Monday, May 24, 2010


Our weekend in Kalkaska was a full one. Brimming with:




(which was quite nice since I hadn't picked up a hammer in about 10 years)

and caterpillars.
Thousands of caterpillars.

How about you?


Allie said...

It all sounds wonderful except the caterpillars! Liz - you do blacksmithing????

kate said...

Looks wonderfully, simply fun.

Our week-end was cold but a perfect escape.

chimp1cards said...
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chimp1cards said...

Our weekend was full of music and zombies. We went to a Celtic music concert performed by An Dro, and Dan played fife and whistles at our parish festival. Friday night Frankie and friends and I played Zomb with 130 other crazy people. I didn't last long as a human, but I managed to turn 4 humans into zombies..a personal record.

Diane said...

Wow that's a lot of caterpillars. It was hot here for Northern Indiana but we got out and did yard work and tried to avoid the gazillian cottonwood seeds floating around so it looked like it was snowing :-) Happy Tuesday!!

Val said...

My weekend consisted of a haircut, some embroidery, cooking, church, and planting cemetery flowers with my mom, which I always enjoy. We saw a cute little family of geese on the lake at the cemetery....six little fluffy ones, plus mom and dad. I wish I would have had my camera with me....they were so cute!