Friday, June 26, 2009

Art & Nature in the Park

Hooray! Arts and Nature in the Park started this week. Now each Wednesday morning the kids and I will head of to the park for some crafty fun. This week's project - rock creatures.

What fun. These two are now residing on our coffee table.

We owe a big "Thank you!" to the Mackinac Island Recreation Department and to Mrs. B for this and all the other fun things she has organized for the island kids this summer.


Allie said...

How fun is that - love those rock creatures!

kate said...

Very nice! That's wonderful that someone has taken on such a project for the island.

Manoute said...

:o) They are great. The kids must be looking forward to the next session!

Shannon said...

LOVE nature art (ok any art) for kids! What a great idea! I wonder if there is anything like this here? Gonna have to check it out!!