Saturday, October 11, 2008

Costume Giveaway

Photo credit: Grosgrain

I am constantly amazed by Kathleen over at Grosgrain. She makes clothes and costumes and then gives them all away - one giveaway every other week. Usually the outfits are a size 3T-4T and simply incredible - like the little Civil War era taffeta number she is currently offering. I usually just lurk and admire them from afar, but this time I had to share her amazing giveaway, since I would love to win the dress for my little K.


Linn said...

Ack! That is so amazing. If only I had a little girl to put into it. Sigh.

Marcia said...

Good luck. That would be a perfect costume for her on the Island.

Sue said...

So precious, you are generous to share this insider information!