Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morning Sun Dogs

My husband took this picture this morning as he was snowmobiling to work. It was only about two degrees here this morning, and the lake near our house is not totally frozen over yet. The open water often steams on cold mornings like this one. The steam quickly turns to fine ice crystals as it cools. Today, conditions were just right for spectacular sun-dogs. These are short rainbows that appear on each side of the sun. We usually get to see them in the summer, high in the sky when sunlight passes through ice crystals in the atmosphere. Today's show gave us rainbows sitting right on the ice. The northern of the two rainbows was fainter and did not photograph well, but the southern rainbow stopped him in his tracks.

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theespinozafamily said...

Snowmobiling to work? That sounds like an adventure to me.. Is it common practice in Michigan?