Sunday, February 12, 2017


My students think I just assign homework; little do they know that I often have to do homework as well. Though, I am most definitely not complaining about having papers to grade; I adore my job. The drudgery of inputting grades is just one small part of the wonderful whole that is teaching. Getting to spend my days with great kids is worth the time I spend at the keyboard.

In case you're wondering about the small sheet of paper that reads "Get Comfy" in the photo, it's a prize the kids can earn. A Get Comfy Pass entitles to bearer to get comfy all day - he or she may sit in the soft arm chair, wear their PJs and have a stuffed animal friend at their seat. It's my daughter's all time favorite prize. She chooses the Get Comfy Pass over the Homework Pass every time.


Suzanne said...

My husband also enjoys being a teacher. I would like someone to give me a pass....wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I like that idea too.