Friday, January 8, 2016

The Long Walk Home

It was 38 degrees (about 3 C) this afternoon and my daughter walked all the way home without her coat, hat or mittens. She insisted "It's way too hot for my coat!" 

Sure, the walk home is a mile (about 1.5 km), and yes it's up hill pretty much the entire way, but it made me chilly just watching her...

If you're wondering about the sleds, lots of island kids take sleds to school to use at recess. Our kids go outside for lunch recess virtually every day.

Photo by Clark Bloswick
(Taken in the last day or two.)


Brooke said...

I love that they get to go outside almost every day! My kids hate indoor recess!

Suzanne said...

Brrr....I can go out in 38 degrees with a long sleeve shirt...and a thick sweater....but not in short sleeves! Tough island girl!

Unknown said...

I imagine there are a few decent sliding spots around the island.