Monday, October 27, 2014

Ancient Egypt Birthday

My little Pharaoh decided, back in September, that this year he wanted an ancient Egypt birthday party. Luckily we had access to lots of Egyptian goodies since my mom lived and taught in Egypt for two years, and shockingly, my son's pharaoh costume still fit.

We were able to borrow so much from grandma, that all I needed to buy was the gold overlay for the table cloth and the fake papyrus plants for the table.  

We covered the table with the Pharaoh's gold; gold candy that is.

I made the banner, the place cards and the napkins. (Notice how they are folded like pyramids? Clever, aren't I...) We also used the special occasion to get out my grandmother's Dirigold flatware. It's a bear to polish, but it was the prefect addition to our golden table. (No gold in Dirigold - in 1935 the company was forced to change its name to Dirilyte since the US government felt the name was misleading.)

As usual, my husband, Allen, made the cake. He used some little pyramids I brought back from my trip to Egypt as molds to make the pressed brown sugar pyramids he put on top of the cake.

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