Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dragon Birthday

How does a Mama throw
a small dragon bash?

Does she work really hard,
and then fall down and crash?

She might set a nice table
with napkins a light,

and make yummy bread dragons
whose heads we can bite.

She may find a nice dragon
on the table to sit,

but don't touch her eggs,
or she'll throw quite a fit.

Her chef of a husband may
whip up a cake,

but the Dragon Fire Juice,
she surely can make.

She may sew up a shirt
emblazoned with fire,

and send treats to school,
her daughter's friends will admire.

When party time comes, Mama will gather her friends,
and they'll all stay up late tying up the loose ends.

After the fun is all finished, Mama'll tickle K's gizzard:
"Happy birthday. 
Happy birthday, little fire breathing lizard."

This post was inspired by some

And it's only a year late! My daughter turned seven last year. I searched and searched for the pictures, but thought I'd lost them. As I searched through old photos, looking for pictures of Sushi for my last post, I found them - yippee! 

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Brian Westphal said...

You really do throw the most awesome birthday parties! I love the dinobreads! The cake is almost too good to eat, but I'm sure that didn't stop them. Great job to you and your husband!