Friday, February 21, 2014

No Ice Crossing Today

As you can see, conditions on the ice were pretty awful today. Visibility was so poor (and there was a rumor about a slush hole,) the fire department was advising people to stay off the ice. It makes me wonder if the St. Ignace Fire Department was out on their end of the bridge.

If you need a reference point for the photo above, look at the second picture in this post. The red box on the shore behind us is the same box that is in front of the truck.

As I was taking pictures I noticed a line up of snowmobiles behind the truck. They didn't look like locals, so that means they probably came over before the storm hit. My husband says the visibility was much better this morning. One of the cashiers at Doud's told me one gentleman stopped in the store this afternoon and actually asked if they sold compasses. Yikes!

According to one of the fire fighters out by the ice, a number of folks ignored their warnings and crossed the ice anyway. One pair of guys, (I'm assuming they were men,) went out attempting to drive from tree to tree. The next thing they knew, they were  back on our shore. The scary part was  - they hadn't intentionally turned around. Pretty darn scary if you ask me.
Needless to say, except for snapping these pictures, I stayed home!


Mum-me said...

Looks amazing - all that cold and ice and misty, foggy stuff - and it's been so terribly hot and humid here this past week.

But I couldn't help have a giggle at the thought of the fire fighters warning people about crossing the ice. (I know the fire brigade do more than put out fires .... it just struck me a funny.)

Erin said...