Saturday, August 10, 2013

Maze of Mirrors: A Special Treat

The Maze of Mirrors is fairly new on Mackinac. I can't remember exactly when they opened, but ever since it opened the kids have really wanted to visit. Much to their dismay, I've not been willing to pay the entrance fee (which I thought was $8.00 each ) for just a few minutes of fun. It seemed a bit pricey to me - I mean I'd pay that much for a two hour movie. Well, yesterday, I caved...

The kids have been diligently working on GRASP all summer; GRASP is the summer school program offered by our school. As a parent I wanted to avoid the summer learning loss that I see in many of my students, so I've enrolled my two in  the program each year. Anyway, they both worked so hard this summer - mostly without complaint, so I wanted to do something special as a reward. (And as a motivator, since GRASP will be on the agenda again next summer.) I suggested going out for ice cream, but S and K had other plans. They both immediately asked, "Can we go to the Maze of Mirrors?  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

How could I refuse?

When we got there I was pleasantly surprised; I expected to have to shell out twenty-four bucks for the three of us to get in, but they had reduced the price to $5.00 each.  S and K loved it! We had a great time - especially when they managed to discover "the fun room."

Nothing like crazy carnival mirrors give you a serious case of the giggles. We had a great time at the Maze of Mirrors. It really is quite well done. It truly is a maze - you've got to walk with your hands out in front of you to avoid walking head first into a mirrored wall. The kids really enjoyed the 20 minutes we spent inside. If you're on Mackinac Island with kids, you may want to take some time to get lost inside...

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