Thursday, June 13, 2013

Growing Frustration

My daughter is down right desperate for the Tooth Fairy to pay her a visit. Her brother has lost several teeth lately, while she has only lost one - ever. She wants quarters. Now.

You can imagine her dismay when she started complaining, "My gums feel funny.  Mama will you look in my mouth?"

"Sure," I said, "Go get the flashlight and I'll check." She dutifully went and got her father's flashlight, turned it on, and handed it to me. I pointed it into her mouth to see what was bothering her and was surprised to find a new tooth growing in the "wrong" spot. The tooth in front of it isn't even wiggly.

"It's a tooth," I said.

"What?! Let me see!" I took the picture and then showed her the screen on my DSLR. 

She giggled and then yelled, "Papa! Get the pliers. I need you to get this tooth out!" She was not happy when he explained that since the tooth wasn't wiggly, him pulling it out wasn't really an option.

Guess those quarters are going to have to wait...


KCina said...

We actually went to an oral surgeon, after my 6-year old's teeth were coming in super crooked and her under bite was getting worse. Between the dentist and orthodontist, we had three pulled and it went WAY better than I could have imagined. If you haven't already, see what your dentist recommends.

Indy Gram said...

That girl is so funny! However, I DO see an orthodontist in your future....ugh.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I had the same issue as a kid the baby tooth aparently had a long root and wouldn't come out. I had to have the baby tooth pulled unfortunately it had already caused the adult tooth to come in twisted the wrong way.

Melody said...

My son is almost 17 years old and STILL has a baby tooth (molar). The "adult" tooth hasn't come in but is sitting sideways up in the gums. (sigh)...we have been referred to an oral surgeon and orthodontist...oh my...teeth are so much fun, LOL!
It will be ok...assure her whatever the outcome, whether it falls out on it's own or whether it needs a little help from the dentist, the Tooth Fairy WILL indeed come! ;)