Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Chuck E. Cheese - No Problem

Who needs Chuck E. Cheese's when you can
celebrate your birthday by having a sledding
party at Turtle Park instead.

To help our friend, L, celebrate we spent
the afternoon sledding,


and munching.

But the best part of the party, in my daughter's opinion, was desert. She loves dinosaurs almost as much as the birthday girl and her jaw literally dropped when she saw the gigantic box of homemade dinosaur cookies. Having a zillion cookies instead of a cake was genius - I'm going to have to file that little idea away. So much less mess with cookies than with a cake, and moving a cake on Mackinac Island can be tricky...


Zakka Life said...

Sledding is so much better than Chuck E Cheese. I would trade are Chuck E Cheese any day for mountain covered in snow.

Melody said...

You are lucky and blessed that you don't have Chuck E. Cheese! LOL! I am so glad we're past that age, haha! This b-day party looks like so much fun! And I'm partial to decorated cookies too...they have turned from hobby to side business for me! So much fun! Hope you all are having a wonderful winter! :)