Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halloween 2012: Doom Kitty

This year my daughter wanted to be Doom Kitty  from Ruby Gloom. (I love it when the kids pick simple costumes! It's so much easier when I can start out with a sweat suit.) All I had to do was add the ears, the tail and the red around the neck and I was done. I offered to paint her face so she could have Doom Kitty's big eyes, but my daughter said no. And even though Doom Kitty's ears are all black, K decided she liked them better with the red inside.

You might have noticed how my daughter is swimming in her costume in the photo above. I always make them big enough for the kids to wear a coat underneath - this far north it's usually pretty darn cold on Halloween night. Plus, with them on the big side, the kids can use them for dress up for a while. It's been almost two years and my son still regularly plays with this one.

My daughter tells me that next year she wants to be a flying unicorn for Halloween. I'm hoping she changes her mind on that one because I have absolutely no idea how I'll whip that up!

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Kate said...

A flying unicorn - a girl after my own heart!