Sunday, April 10, 2011

Like Butter

My mom knit this sweater for my son more than two years ago. It finally fits and he loves it! I tell you it is the softest sweater ever. So soft! It looks like yarn, but it feels like it was knit from strips of fleece - I tell you it's like butta!

You should have seen his face when he discovered the pouch pocket in the front. He got this big grin and started stuffing in the treasures. I love how the pouch is hidden; it doesn't pop right out at you. I also love how it was actually warm enough on Mackinac Island yesterday to be outside in just a sweater. He was out for much of the afternoon and didn't complain about being cold. Perhaps spring really is here.

Thanks Mom.
He loves it.

I can't wait to see what's next...

(Yes, I suppose that was a hint. Wink wink.)


LMC09 said...

the sweater is adorable =]

Diane said...

What a cute sweater! Such a pretty shade of blue and with a pocket in it which I know little boys love to have for putting all their "treasures" into. And I'm glad that you had a nice spring break week with your family also.
Happy Monday!

Deanna said...

The sweater IS adorable....guess all that creativity and talent runs in your family. :)
Have a great "spring" week.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater! And thanks so much for answering my question about the hair salons! Have a great week! Michelle