Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Captain Caveman

Is this a fabulous caveman costume or what! I have to tell you I was simply in awe of some of the super creative costumes I saw at school today. Every year as part of our March is Reading Month celebration at the Mackinac Island Public School we have dress-up days; today was Caveman Day. (Sexist, I know but little ones just wouldn't get "Homo Habilis Day.")

Our theme this year is Time Out for Reading, so all of our activities will revolve around reading and time: timed tasks, time periods, telling time, times tables, etc. The kids are all looking forward to our weekly Minute to Win it! games. I've never seen the show, but it sounds like a hoot.

My son's costume wasn't nearly as creative as the first one, but S loved wearing his "saber tooth tiger skin." He takes after his mother so being able to dress-up made him happy despite the fact that I wouldn't let him paint our baseball bat brown and bring it to school with him.

I was pretty proud of that little tunic. It may not have taken top honors for creativity, but I did whip it up without a pattern. I was inspired by the tiger strip material; when I saw it in Joann's, I knew it had to come home with me. They had a giraffe and zebra print too, but the tiger just spoke to me. In fact, I was humming The Flintstones theme song as I stood in line at the cutting counter.

I did have a pattern for my outfit (McCall's 2895.) It went together quickly, though I discovered that it runs a bit big. I had planned on wearing it over pants and a shirt, but even over clothing I had lots of room. I think I'm going to use the same pattern for next week's costume for Ancient Times Day, though I'll make it one size smaller. I've already dug out an old white sheet that will be prefect.

(Student photo above used with permission.)


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness that is AWESOME!! Our March is Reading month theme this year is Reading A-Z and we are doing Reading Night at the Museum for our annual Family Reading Night. We are turning our school into a museum, how I would love to have a costume like that for our Natural History museum!! We are creating a solar system, dinosaurs, a dried up lake basin (our author visiting this year is the author of The Year the Great Lakes Drained Away). In our "Arts and Culture Museum" we are having reader's theater, and folk music. MRM is alot of work, but the kids just love it!!

denice@inkstitch said...

awesome... just awesome... :)

Manoute said...

Fantastic! You are having loads of fun at school ;o)

susan said...

How totally kool!
I just posted two photos of new doll I am working on, she is turning out great.
I know what you mean about the snow. Where in the heck is it...but even thou this only my 4th winter, I DO know it will snow big time in April. It snowed for 2 days and then it was 20, no wind and lots of sun all day, melting. It is so ugly, I hate to see the dormant brown grass, all the dirty snow. Everybody else is getting our snow, we neeed it for the lakes.
take care and talk to you later.